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Energy Education

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Energy Education

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Energy 101

While you might not earn a degree after reading our Energy Education section, you can gain a deeper understanding about what we do and how energy works  from how electricity is generated to tips you can use to save on your next energy bill.
  • How energy works

    How Energy Works

    Let's talk energy. From generating electricity with nuclear power to gathering and delivering natural gas, learn about the many ways that we create energy – and get an inside look at how they work.

  • Energy education centers and programs

    Energy Education Centers and Programs

    Go on a power trip. Our energy education centers offer informative tours and interactive experiences designed for students of all ages who are interested in learning about how we generate power.

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable Energy

    Explore a brighter future. Learn more about our investments in solar and other renewable energy sources, as well as the ways we're working to promote and support their use.

  • Energy savings and efficiency

    Energy Savings and Efficiency

    Save power and money. From weatherizing your home to purchasing energy-efficient products, consider simple strategies that you can use to reduce energy consumption and lower your monthly bills.

  • Duke Energy employee

    Power Quality

    Quality matters. From grounding principles and practices to mitigation strategies, learn more about power quality and why it's important.

  • Duke Energy viewpoints

    Executive Viewpoints

    From reducing energy consumption to the future of energy, hear what our key executives and other employees have to say about important industry topics and company policies.

  • Safety and preparedness

    Safety and Preparedness

    At home and on the job, safety matters. From preparing for a storm to reporting power line hazards, learn how to prevent energy-related accidents and minimize risks for you and your family.

  • Five electric vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

    Discover the benefits of "plugging in" and the positive impact that electric vehicles have on our power grid.

  • Ice-encrusted transmission tower in winter

    Protecting Reliability

    Extreme conditions, caused by weather or other events, can put a severe strain on the energy grid and available power supplies. If this happens, you can help by conserving energy.