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Vegetation Management

Line worker trimming trees in bucket truck

Vegetation Management

Maintaining trees and vegetation to help ensure reliable service.

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How We Manage Trees

Our qualified tree personnel are trained to use integrated vegetation management (IVM) to inspect and clear vegetation that pose a threat to our distribution and transmission lines. IVM bases its practices on the voltage and type of line, as well as the type of vegetation and its proximity to the line.
  • Lineworker trimming trees in a bucket truck

    Keeping Lines Clear

    As part of providing reliable service and minimizing outages, it is important that we maintain trees and other vegetation along power lines.

  • Child planting a small tree

    Right Tree Right Place

    Thinking about planting a tree? Make sure the tree you plant is the right tree in the right place.

  • Bucket truck trimming trees in right of way

    Rights of Way

    What is a right of way and how does Duke Energy use it? Learn more about how we manage rights of way.

Graphic of trees near power lines

Pruning and Safety Guidelines

Our methods systematically address vegetation that will interfere with the operation of power lines. We use specific information such as reliability data and other indications to prioritize lines for tree pruning and removal.
  • Icon tree growing into power lines


    We use approved arboricultural tree pruning practices to maintain tree health while establishing a clearance between power lines and tree branches.

  • Icon tree safety


    Please call Duke Energy before pruning or removing trees near power lines as it can be a very hazardous task.